Friday, May 11th we held our 9th Annual Celebration luncheon graciously hosted by First Baptist Church of Midlothian.

Grit –  definition is….courage and resolve; strength of character.

So to the people of Mentors Care, we believe it means this and so much more.  We are saying it also means

Going radically into tomorrow

……….Radically does not mean, crazy or all over the place

Radically is an adverb meaning “thorough or complete” with a goal and a purpose,

With over three hundred students, mentors, school administrators, school board members from Midlothian High School, Heritage High School and Palmer High school we celebrated another year of mentoring.  It was a great afternoon of being inspired and challenged by our speakers, Dashandra Newton and Jason Parham.

Dashandra, a former student of Midlothian High School and the Mentors Care program, inspired all by bravely sharing her story of having incredible “GRIT”.

Here is a message from a mentor of a text received from their student after the luncheon.  This student was going to quit school many times.  But he is now a senior and will graduate!!!……


I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me over the course of my high school career. I know the sacrifices you made to meet with the every week because you wanted to see me graduate and never quit. I will always remember people like you who came in to my life and supported me through everything because they care and hate to see me give up and refuse to give up on me. That gives me motivation to keep going every day no matter how hard life gets. Sometimes I get so beat down by life and going so hard, I get so mentally beat down, that I start to question if it’s really worth it. But then I get people like you who support me and that gives me enough peace of mind to keep going. I truly appreciate every conversation I’ve had with you. I hope you have a great day. (:

Jason Parham, a retired marine

Challenged us to have “GRIT”

Jason Parham grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana   He later earned a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries from Dallas Baptist University. Jason has been married to Shanell for 19 years, and they have three children

In November 1998, Jason enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served for 13 years.

A few highlights of his service include,

  • His combat service included a tour of duty in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. As platoon leader, he brought all of his men home

Thank you

Our corporate sponsors: 

First Baptist Church of Midlothian, Holcim, Ashgrove, United Way, Thornton Steel, Hilco, Martin Marietta, Target and all of our private donors!


Community Helps

Paws for Reflection, Johnny Hendrix MMA, New Life worship Center, Sardis UMC Methodist Ladies Bible Studies, Stonegate Church, Manna House, Urban Well pantry



Midlothian HS Principal Gary Gates and staff

Heritage HS Principal Krista Tipton and staff

Maypearl HS Principal Leslie Austin and staff


Midlothian ISD School board & Superintendent Dr. Ledbetter

Maypearl ISD School board & Superintendent Mr. Bowling


Mentors Care Executive Board:   Tom Moore, Shara Lattimore, Jaime Holland, Adam Villarrial, Cyndi McDonald, Kobey Juergens Christina Clemmons, Barbara Truby, Betty Tryon, Mark Lish, Todd Garrett


First Baptist Church of Midlothian allowing us to use this beautiful building and being so gracious


Coordinators Sarah Martin, Sean Byars & Michelle Baggett

Thank you for serving our students!


A special thank you to……………… OUR MENTORS!!

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