Donate Snacks & Supplies

We need continual commercially-prepared snacks

With a Mentors Care office at all of our school locations, students in our program are invited to stop by and grab a snack 2 times per day. For our coordinators,  it’s a way to say a quick “hello” and touch base with some of our more seriously “at-risk” students.

Why Do Some of Our Students Need Snacks?

  • Parents will not apply for the free/reduced lunch program offered at school
  • Family’s want to avoid being detected by state and local government agencies
  • Parents do not care to bother with ensuring their child has food at school
  • Family’s earn just enough to become ineligible for free/reduced lunch programs yet not enough to provide lunches
  • Parents are more preoccupied with drugs or alcohol than purchasing food items
  • Parents are incarcerated and their children are left to provide for themselves

Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchase from AmazonSmile to Mentors Care so shop away!

Donate Performance Incentives

Our mentor coordinators have created various incentives for students when their grades improve or they reach their goals. Students earn rewards such as:

  • Gift cards
  • Cups of coffee
  • Free lunches etc.
  • Prizes
  • Other privileges

Have a unique idea for student reward incentives?