Peter Pinon, MS, LPC to Speak at this Year’s Mentor-Community Connection: “Mirror” Self-Care while Caring for Others

Mentors Care is proud to announce an upcoming event, “Mirror” Self-Care: Care for Yourself While Caring for Others featuring Keynote speaker, Peter Pinon, MS, LPC who is co-founder, counselor, and coach of MindsConnect. 
This community-friendly event is open to the public and encourages attendance by professionals from its very own program in mentoring and student-mentor coordination as well as professionals at large in the fields of counseling, caregiving, coaching, education, and more. Attendees in these fields and all walks of life are invited to learn about the importance of self care while giving of themselves to their roles in support of others. 
Discussion will include cutting-edge subjects such as compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress, burnout, mental/emotional/physical exhaustion and the ways to identify and mitigate such conditions that often accompany the tasks of caregiving. 
“It’s important to know difference between burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary traumatic stress.” Pinion said. “Awareness creates an opportunity for care.” 
“There’s hope. There’s help.
We have to learn to LOVE…
Listen to what’s shared – Learn what’s important
Observe what’s not shared – Override any judgements
Validate emotions – Validate true and helpful thoughts
Encourage healthy and helpful behavior – Empower to connect with others”
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