A Note to MTAF Mentors…..

Working with teenagers can be the most rewarding but at the same time the most challenging. You all are the brave few that have said “yes” to jumping in and trusting the journey. It can be challenging, humbling, frustrating and sometimes hit our buttons of anger or even worse…. our insecurities. We are human and we bring all of our own life experiences that can at times question our role in all of this. Know that we ALL feel that way at times when we are working with others. The students we are working with are at times extremely angry, hurt and ready to lash out in split second. For some of our survivors of really bad experiences, they can be the most crafty in knowing how to drive any and all away that are trying to connect with them.

But know, at the end of the day, these are all children of God, wanting to be loved…. wanting to please….. wanting someone to care! What you are doing is one of the most impactful ways to give hope to another. Mentoring is changing the world, one soul at a time. It is normal to feel that you are not making a difference, or to feel tired, or to feel overwhelmed. Stay the coarse, be encouraged! You all are amazing and making a huge difference in the life of your student. You just may not be able to see it during your time with them, but know you are!!

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