Kobey Juergens

Kobey Juergens is an Improvement Facilitator at Gerdau, a company he has been with Gerdau for 14 years and where he wears many hats. Kobey has worked in production as a Melt Shop Slide Gate and in the Bar Mill as a roller and pulpit operator.
He then moved into the Management Systems department where he was involved in rolling out and training the entire plant on different business tools including Process Analysis, Business Definitions, Routine Analysis, Failure Analysis and 5S coordination. He is currently in the Logistics department as an Improvement Facilitator where he is in charge of project coordination and management of all Improvement projects for the department. Kobey stays involved in the community by serving on the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and is a board member for Mentors Care. He is married to a "beautiful woman" and has two wonderful boys, who he says are both a challenge and a blessing all at the same time! Kobey grew up in Midlothian and is a proud member of the graduating class I 1987. He enjoys working in, serving in, and giving back to the community in which he grew up.