Hidden Heroes!

Each year Mentors Care staff, board members & volunteers host an AWESOME luncheon for mentors & students in celebration of the school-year’s end. As 2019 marks our 10th Anniversary, we wanted to give our luncheon some extra WAM! POW! ZLING! this year.

Al Hemmle and Dena Petty

To show our appreciation for our “HIDDEN HEROES” (our mentors & other longtime supporters)  gifts were given, lunch was served & even a few medals were awarded to those who have volunteered as mentors for 9 & 10 years:  Keith Heintschel; Keith Hitt; Time Ewton; and David Witschorke

Students from Maypearl; Midlothian; Midlothian Heritage; Palmer & Red Oak High Schools arrived early to take “Selfies” with their mentors.

In a STRONG showing of support, Super Heroes were in the house to help celebrate: Spiderman; Batman; Superman; Wonder Woman; Thor; Iron Man & Captain American made an appearance during a SPECTACULAR program hosted by Mentors Care Founder/Executive Director, Dena Petty to include an opening invocation by Red Oak Superintendent, Mike Goddard, Ed.D.

Petty took a few minutes during the program to also award medals to a few comrades-in-arms since the program’s earliest beginnings. These include  program coordinator, Sarah Martin, LMSW; original board members, Shara Lattimore & Bruce Prindle; longest and biggest supporters Donny & Jennifer Lassetter and  Midlothian High School principal, Al Hemmle who was the first high school principal to see the mentoring program’s potential for success and inspired Midlothian High School to allow the program during his tenure there.

The awards ceremony ended with Petty’s being surrounded by her adoring staff who had an award for her as well. Without a doubt, our 10-year luncheon was moving beyond words and our best yet and we know our organization’s next 10 years will be BLAST!


Photos by: Meagan Baggett;  PhotoBoothAbilene.com;  Big Time Selfies

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