COVID-19 Policy

Dear Mentors Care Mentors,

We are updating our policy for Mentors Care due to Covid-19 regarding mentor-student correspondence. We understand how concerned you are for your students and how this crisis could impact them. It is with great concern for the students that we have made the necessary updates.

Mentors Care will:

Stay in contact with each of our enrolled students through email, text and/or virtual meetings through Microsoft Teams which will be set up by your school coordinator. These sessions will be recorded and kept in the cloud forever for the protection of the student, the mentor, the school, and also Mentors Care.

Some of the school districts are not allowing any outside visitors for the health and safety of their students. We have begun using Microsoft Teams so that mentoring can continue during this time. We know that physical connection is best, but this is an amazing alternative to be able to meet and keep in contact with your student.

Also, if you or your student has to be quarantined for a period of time, your coordinator will also set up virtual meetings for you and your student during those 2 weeks until you are able to resume your normal meetings at school.

Your coordinator will still send you a reminder the day before and also email you a link that both you and your student will be able to connect to. The mentor will make sure that both you and your student have joined, they will hit the record button and then they will leave the meeting so you and your student can meet together for 45 min.

  • The coordinator will email you all of the talking points and the students grades each week.
  • The coordinator will email list updated announcements each week for school, district, community and government

We are asking the mentors not to call or video the student without the coordinator setting up the Microsoft Teams link. They can email or text in a group which will include the coordinator

  • Control of correspondence between mentor and student will insure
    • Knowledge of how often students are being contacted
    • Protection of mentor to be overburdened with student issues at home
    • We will be aware of any needs students may have
    • Help alleviate any confusion of miss-information given the student

We have modules for our upperclassmen to keep them on track to graduation as well as any announcements and updates from the counseling department.

Our coordinators will continue to research information to best serve our students for school, district, community and government information and assistance

Why is the mentoring being handled this way…..

  • Mentors Care will have documentation and the knowledge that students are being contacted & how often
  • Mentors and students will be safeguarded with recordings of each session that will be saved and housed forever.
  • Protection of mentor to be overburdened with student issues at home
  • All outcries have to be handled through our coordinators, we have resources and will be sharing with our students each week attached to your correspondence
  • We will be aware of any needs students may have
  • Help alleviate any confusion of miss-information

Our strength is that we have maintained control of the best way possible through our policies, the student and mentor meetings. Being sure that there is consistency, accountability, and safety for all concerned for the school, program, mentor, and student. With this in mind, please refer back to your training that all face to face meetings outside of the school setting is not allowed. All personal information about your student and their families are to be kept in strict confidence. 

We need to continue to be in contact with our students and this is the best way of moving forward during these difficult times. Our students may be concerned but also may be experiencing great fear. We have no idea the difficulties they are or possibly will experience at home. Hearing from you will give them comfort and hope.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. We believe this to be the best way to serve our students and safeguard our selfless mentors.


Mentors Care Director