Cyndi McDonald, Executive Board | Vice Chairman

Cyndi McDonald, Vice Chairman

Cyndi has worked with Mentor’s Care since..July 2015….She has been an Advisory Board Member, a mentor and is now on the board of directors vice chair for Mentors Care.

Her goal is to help cultivate goals in students with little to no focus or home-life support.

She is motivated by the thought that this program would have been a great benefit during her high school years.

Cyndi is an Office Administrator at a local church in Waxahachie. She enjoys helping people and sharing her faith and life experiences in hopes that it will touch someone. Cyndi also volunteers at her home church in Mansfield in many capacities.

Cyndi’s main interests include her family, which consists of her husband Joe and their three daughters. The youngest attends Midlothian High School, while the rest of the family are all MHS alumni. She enjoys cooking and hosting dinners. Her and her husband’s favorite pastime is going to listen to live music.