Dr. Eric Cupp has been working with teenagers since 1981. In his years with kids, he has developed the skills of one-on-one relationships and dealing with children that he may never see again.

His constant goal in dealing with children, as well as adults, is always to leave the individual with new hope. He currently works in public schools where he builds relationships with the most difficult and broken of children. He also presents student assemblies on a wide range of topics including conflict, bullying, vapes, sex,

tolerance, success, goals, and more.

Eric has also worked in staff development for schools and businesses since 1990. His primary trainings for schools have been in the areas of conflict management, dysfunctional families and the children they produce, and relationship building on multiple fronts.

There are very few educational groups that he has not spoken to over the last three decades and there is no region of Texas in which he has not presented. Eric also works with couples and families for U.S. Army special forces and he is the pastor of a small church.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in ministry, a bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies, a master’s degree in Biblical studies, a master’s degree in divinity, and a doctorate degree in ministry to families all from Abilene Christian University.