Every year, we are becoming better mentors for our students.

Every year, we have training for our mentors. It is the usual stuff that we are required to go over; confidentiality, what to do about abuse reports, nuts and bolts of being a mentor. But we also use this time to learn a little more about ourselves as mentors and ourselves as human beings. This year was exceptional in that our very own, Sarah Martin brought us the great lessons on Blame & Empathy. Take a moment and watch these great short videos and see what we all learned together.

But first, here is a quick explanation of what you are about to learn..

Brene Brown, a LMSW, author, researcher, and story teller, as she calls herself, created these videos that do a wonderful job of explaining 2 key words in mentoring. The first is “Blame”. All of our students have issues to some extent, with both accepting blame when they have made a mistake, and blaming everyone else for their issues and decisions. As mentors it is important to gain an understanding of where this is coming from at its root so that progress can be made in dealing with different situations your student goes through and encouraging them to grow.
The second word is “Empathy”. As a mentor it is crucial to find the connection that empathy creates when working with the student. The goal is always to connect with the mentee, and the first step is to learn how to feel with them. The ability to do that, and then to express that to the student is what will help the mentor/mentee relationship grow and become more impactful.

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