Excitement about the possibilities of another year!!!!

Every year we feel the excitement and urgency to begin another year of mentoring.  Every year is an opportunity to inspire someone that is full of promise, talents and abilities, but has lost sight of that.  Mentoring is the opportunity to help guide a life, not only graduate, but go on to a great life.  Mentoring is Hope!!

 Join us, partner with us and share with others in your community about Mentors Care.  We need financial partners, snacks & other material needs but most importantly we need MENTORS!! 

 To become a mentor, reach out to us at info@mentors.care to receive an application to begin the process of becoming a mentor.  We ask for your commitment to meet with a student matched with you, one hour once per week during the school day.  We have an agreement with our schools that all mentors, every year will attend one of the below trainings.


Mentors Care mentor training schedule

Midlothian High School – Tuesday, Sept. 19th 6pm-8pm, MHS Library Cafe’

Heritage High School – Wednesday, Sept. 20th 9am – 11am, MHHS Library

Maypearl High School – Thursday, Sept. 21st 11:30am – 1:30, Maypearl Mentors Care Office


(all mentors are welcome to attend any one of these trainings, training is MANDATORY for all mentors, even if you have mentored before)

 You will be equipped, trained and supported throughout the year.  Our school coordinators will make sure of your appointment times and to support you in whatever your student will need to be a successful.  You will not do this alone!

 If you cannot mentor but would like to support Mentors Care, please go to https://mentors.care/what-you-can-do/ to be a part of this amazing program.

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