Gold Star Graduates


I began mentoring Fidel in 2017 during his junior year.  His kind heart and never give up attitude truly inspired me from the beginning!  During his two final years at Maypearl High School, he worked so hard to accomplish his goal to graduate.

Along with that, we had many conversations about his future and what options he would have because I knew he WOULD graduate!  He learned that there were so many opportunities out there after high school and we did a lot of research together.

Fidel DID graduate in 2019 after pushing himself and preserving through many obstacles.  We have kept in touch and he was so proud to tell me in November that he would begin his studies for his medical assistant certification!  He has completed his courses and is ready to get to work serving others in this field!

Proud is an understatement of what I feel for this guy! He believed in himself and never gave up.  To hear the pride in his voice when he talks about his accomplishments is truly inspiring.

 – By Jessica Roberts, Mentor & Coordinator