Outstanding School Year

Every year we compile statistics of the program to be sure we are addressing the mission statement of Mentors Care.  I am so excited to report that Mentors Care had an outstanding school year with much success.  We can show in graphs and numbers successes, but the greatest successes come from the stories of students lives forever being changed.  Students are graduating or gaining more credits, moving them to graduate.  Life issues are being addressed to help the student over come hardships.
We are so excited about this past year, but even more excited about our future.
Partner with us!  Give to Mentors Care to insure we can continue to meet the needs of students or become a mentor (email us at info@mentors.care) !  We need all of us to make a difference!
Thank you everyone that helped make 2016-2017 a huge success!!

Dena Petty
Mentors Care Executive Director
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