Shara Lattimore | Voting Board Member

Shara Lattimore, Voting Board Member

Shara joined the board of directors as vice president in the early years of Mentors Care. Shara’s vast knowledge for students that have struggles comes from her 25 years serving in social services. Shara believes in the mission of bringing the local community to stand in the gap before there is a need for government services.

Shara Lattimore is a Licensed Master Social Worker with Independent Practice Recognition. She currently works for Anthem BCBS/Amerigroup as service coordinator and has over 25 years of direct practice with individuals in a variety of settings in North Texas, and has sat on numerous boards over her social work tenure.

Shara worked closely with other board members to obtain the 503-C status of Movement Toward a Future and has been an active member of the executive board, since the inception of the board of directors.

She has also personally mentored students in the program since 2011, many of which have successfully graduated high school.

Shara is a strong believer in community involvement and the benefits of mentorship in the lives “at-risk” children.