Nikki Strayer

The mentoring program has meant a lot to me and to many students. It has helped each of us in different ways because each student has different set of troubles.

When I was first introduced to the program in 2009, I had no idea what was going on. Someone had suggested I look into it and the first day I went just to see what it was about. That was the day I met Dena Petty and Sandy Bundrick (the mentor that Dena had placed me with). After that meeting, I didn’t quite understand why someone said I needed this.

At first I was the most reluctant student I wouldn’t go down on Tuesday mornings like I knew I should, so Dena had to call for me every Tuesday morning. I can only imagine what I put those two amazing ladies through.
I was dating a boy at the time and my parents had abandoned me. I didn’t know why. So, that was a rough summer. I stayed with several different people, from family, to a couple from church, and to my boyfriend’s grandparents. I was what some might call, “at the bottom of the feeder.” I finally decided to open up to my mentor and share many things about my life.

As I continued to get closer with my mentor, things started to improve. I was once a student who missed a lot of school and had bad grades. As much as I hate to say this, I was an at-risk student and dropping out was more in my favor.

During my senior year in 2010, my boyfriend and I broke up. I needed Sandy and Dena more than ever. They helped me realize that it wasn’t the end of the world. I pushed through it and never missed a day. I passed my senior year with A’s and a B. I had become the person I thought I couldn’t be thanks to two fantastic ladies.

To this day in 2013, I can proudly say that because of this program, I have surpassed where most people including myself thought I would be. I’m a college student at Navarro making all A’s and never missing school. I’m half way done with my RN (Registered Nurse). I not only show myself to certain people but everyone.

This program has helped me get out of the box I was trapped in for many years. Yes, I use to think I was unlucky or it just wasn’t fair, but God has blessed me with this program and the many people I have met because of it.