The Mentors Care Podcast with Dena Petty


Join Dena Petty, founder and executive director of Mentors Care. Petty launched a highly successful high school mentoring program in 2009 reaching hundreds of North Texas’s most at-risk high school students.

In each episode, journey inside the passion and impact of Mentors Care. This podcast is full of remarkable people with amazing stories told by its mentors, school administrators, public servants, business owners, and even former students of the program. Be inspired to encourage action, hope, and a brighter future.

Petty has worked and created this program from the ground up, learning hard lessons along the way. Now, after 10 years, we are seeing the traction and the impact of Mentors Care growing and becoming an unstoppable force in the lives of so many students AND the volunteers who mentor them! Our staff and board members have supported the program wholeheartedly from day one and remain true to the mission today. There is little staff or board turnover because, at this point, we are a well-oiled machine and ours is one of the best boards in the state of Texas without a doubt.


Glenn Heights Police Chief Vernell Dooley

Host Dena Petty sits down with one of Mentors Care’s most visible volunteers–Vernell Dooley the Chief of Police in Glenn Heights and Mentors Care mentor at nearby Red Oak High School.

Dooley admits that while some days in law enforcement are strenuous and difficult, they always seem to brighten up after he invests one hour a week with his student mentee.

In this interview with Dena, Chief Dooley shares with other mentors that staying “others-focused” is a key way to combat being consumed with one’s own personal schedule, job demands, and a never-ending to-do list.

Dooley is married, a father of two boys and one girl, and resides in Midlothian.