The Mentors Care Podcast with Dena Petty

John Houston


Dena interviews someone you are likely familiar with because not only is he the founder and CEO of John Houston Custom Homes overseeing the planning and development of more than 600 single-family homes a year but he is the founder of a number of companies under the umbrella of John Houston Family of Companies. John is a huge philanthropist giving his time and support to several charities and missions through the JHReach Fund serving causes in not only Texas but around the world. He is the head honcho of more than 200 employees (some of whom are currently mentoring high school students for Mentors Care).

Mentors Care is a non-profit organization that implements a proven method of mentoring students at risk of not graduating high school. Its volunteers are trained to encourage ACTION, HOPE, and a FUTURE for every student who participates in Mentors Care.

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 Join Dena Petty, founder and executive director of Mentors Care, a highly successful high school mentoring program. In each episode, journey inside the passion and impact of Mentors Care. This podcast is full of remarkable people with amazing stories told by its mentors, school administrators, public servants, business owners, and even former students of the program. Be inspired to encourage action, hope, and a brighter future.