There are a few new faces at Mentors Care. We excitedly welcome Kristal Byars and Joni Haralson to the Mentors Care work family.

Meet Kristal Byars
At the close of the school year last year, we proudly began a new partnership with Ferris Independent School District in Ferris, Texas. When we partner with a new school district to provide mentoring, we set up offices within the high school. With that, we also provide a full-time mentor-student coordinator. For Ferris, we selected Ms. Kristal Byars.

Kristal strives for excellence and truly brings a lot to the Mentors Care Team and Ferris High School. She has already established close relationships with her teammates at Mentors Care; and with the school administrators; school staff; students; and mentors at Ferris High School. 

When asking Kristal for a beginning-of-the-year update on our new partnership at Ferris, she told us this story:

“One day a student walked into my office and was ready to give up and not finish school. Wanted to drop out. They recently had found out they had 4 zeros in one class. The tears that fell from this student’s face already defeated. As we spoke about how some of our decisions can change outcomes, the student felt more confident. They were embarrassed to speak to their teacher but left feeling equipped. That student went to tutoring that day, was able to do all of the makeup work, and is now passing.  I make sure all our students know that my office is a safe place for them. And this student comes in my office daily to check-in and one day she told me, 

‘I am equipped! I am prepared! I am confident! I have a voice! And I know I can be successful!’”

Learn more about Kristal here!


Meet Joni Haralson
As our mentoring program continues to grow, so does our need for additional staff support. We are so thankful to announce a new team member, Joni Haralson. Joni wears  A LOT of hats (meaning she serves the organization in diverse ways). 

From administrative protocol & team building to event-planning & organizing staff training, Joni is always working to keep our organization continues setting industry standards.

Joni truly has a heart for our students and for the ongoing success of our mentoring program. We will keep you updated on the various projects coming in the 2019-2020 school year with Joni at the helm.

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