What you can do…


Mentors Care recruits mentors throughout the community at Sunday Schools, Small groups, Community Clubs, Chamber of Commerce. Creating excitement and momentum in the community is key to a successful program. This program will not exist without the community catching the vision and seeing how they fit into making a change in their own back yard.

We Fully Support Our Mentors

Mentors will also be supplied with talking points and updated grades each week for the mentor and student meetings.

Equips mentors with 24 Talking Points workbook. This workbook is intentionally moving the student towards thinking about a future and how to get there.

The coordinator will insure that the student and mentor will meet each week, moving the at-risk student to become a successful student with the goal of graduating high school and having a plan for a future.

The coordinator will work closely with the school staff to identify at-risk students in need of a mentor as well as networking with the community to fill any physical and emotional needs the student may have to stay in school.

With the assistance of a qualified coordinator employed by Mentors Care and working full time on campus, the mentor can help find ways of improving a students circumstances and unique needs.

More importantly, through the collaboration of the mentor and the coordinator, the student is encouraged to be confident and resilient to reach their potential so that their scholastic performance and life circumstances can improve.

Over the course of 8 months, mentors spend approximately one hour each week with their student, Topics of discussion are:

  • Review grades
  • Review assignments
  • Use provided talking points to help move a student towards a positive a realistic view of themselves and the world around them.
Mentor Reqirements

Returned applications with an attached background check is required for all Mentors

Mentors Care will match adult volunteers with students that have been identified as at-risk high school students. The mentor will be recruited by the program coordinator, screened with background checks, references and trained. The mentor will meet during the school day, one hour once a week during the school year to encourage the at-risk student to improve grades, improve attendance, stay in school and graduate with a clear plan for a great future.


Our warmest thanks to our extraordinary donors for helping the hundreds of students to be able to participate in Mentors Care. Your support is invaluable, and we couldn’t have done this without you.