Take This Pop Quiz! What’s Your Mindset?

As of January, our mentors advanced to a more in-depth training on all things Mindset a book written by renowned psychologist, Carl S. Dweck, from Stanford University. This breakthrough book resulted from decades of Dweck’s research on human responses to FAILURES, ACHIEVEMENTS & SUCCESSES. (Take the quiz at the end of this post!)

She evaluated the children as they attempted to solve puzzles designed intentionally beyond their abilities, she expected the children to frustrate or shut down. Except, that didn’t happen…

Her little subjects rose to the challenge! They were hungry for mental growth. One child exclaimed, “I love a challenge!” and another child said with a pleased look “You know, I was hoping this would be informative.”

Now business leaders, parents & teachers and even our very own super-hero mentors are working through this book to learn things like:

  • Is a leader born or made?
  • How “praise” can harm & how to use it well
  • How important is talent?
  • Is your relationship meant to be? (Watch out!)

The bottom line is this:  Intelligence is a learning process that requires a “Growth Mindset” rather than a “Fixed Mindset”.

Take your mindset quiz here! 

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