JULIA – “Julia has been in our program since October and has been meeting with Sergeant Guarnero, one of our mentors who is also a police officer in our town.  They have established a good relationship and “Sergeant G.” has been able to provide some assistance with things that Julia has needed.  The one thing that has been lacking has been Julia’s motivation.  She had several missing assignments and no desire to try to get them turned in.  This had been an ongoing issue and as much as we tried to convince her to turn everything in, she would always come up with a reason why she couldn’t do the work.  We finally had a tough conversation with her about her helping herself before we could help her.  We came to an agreement that she would begin working on her work and turning it in.

The next week, she came in with several papers that she turned in and she got 100% on all of them!

This was a huge boost of confidence in her and we are encouraging her to keep it up and turn everything in.  She was able to write on the “brag board” that she turned in her work and got 100’s on them.  We will continue to monitor her and help and guide her through this and hopefully she will see the benefit of her hard work!! Thank you again for this opportunity to work with the students of Red Oak HS!  I we are making as big an impact on our students as they are making on me.

Sean Byars, Mentors Care Coordinator


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