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Mentors Care Gold Star Graduate!

Mentors Care graduate Cade is living out his dream of serving in the U.S. Navy! He finished Basic Training Oct 1st and is now preparing to start his A-School any day now.

In between all that, he took the time to call his mentor coordinator and talk for over an hour.

He was in Mentors Care for all fours years of high school. His mentor, Tim E.,  is our program’s longest standing mentor.

This young man has broken away from a horrible past of abandonment, emotional abuse, rejection, deep hurts and more than we could imagine.

Cade shared that his biggest takeaway from our program is to DREAM BIG and believe he could achieve his dreams, and he did!

“Life looks different now and has more meaning now.” -Cade

A Life Changed

DeShandra Newton, a former Mentors Care student, shares her story of perseverance and never giving up, a motto she lives by. She has received a Bachelors’s and Masters’s degree from Tarleton State and is currently working for Capital One.

While she was a student at Midlothian High School, she entered Mentors Care and was dealing with several significant personal struggles.  Her mother was in jail, and DeShandra and her sister were living by themselves, on food stamps, and facing eviction from the apartment they called home.  With nowhere to turn, DeShandra reached out to Dena Petty.  She was afraid of disappointing her mom but knew she had to get help in order to achieve the goals she had set for herself.

Mentors Care is a non-profit organization that implements a proven method of mentoring students at risk of not graduating high school. Its volunteers are trained to encourage ACTION, HOPE, and a FUTURE for every student who participates in Mentors Care.

For more information about how to support Mentors Care or how to become part of the Mentors Care family, contact us at info@mentors.care or visit https://mentors.care

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